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1230, route 400 East, Casselman 
Closed for the season. Best vantage point: route 400 East. 

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Popsilos Mural: At the Heart of the Field, by Dodo Ose. Theme: The Sowing. 

This mural themed "The Sowing", gives visitors a glimpse of the farm owners' reality, emphasizing the farm's centenary story. Four dominant elements of the artwork are figurative: they are the four hands that represent the transition of the farm from generation to generation, since 1884. If we read the mural from bottom to top, we can notice the hands gain youthfulness, such as chronological time itself (in reference to newer generations). Closer to the earth, the hands' texture is earthier, which is a reference to working the land. Each hand is positioned in a sowing movement, a sign of growth and sustainability. When we look at the mural a little closer, we can notice that the hands are metaphorically tied to different crops of the Drouin Farm: wheat, corn, soy, maple and an important flower, the rose. "The Sowing" not only references agriculture, but the many projects one might sow in life, much like the Drouin Farm has done in the past and continues to do today. We can also see the trillium flower, which is a symbol of the Drouin Farm's commitment to promoting the Franco-Ontarian culture.

The composition is painted on an iconic background by the artist, inspired by the impressionist movement, which represents the Drouin Farm's location, between fields and close to the river, reminding us of the natural horseshoe shape of the land that is at the source of the Farm's logo. A detailed look at the mural will also reveal insects and animals that shared the artist's "studio" while he painted and certain stories and moments that were shared between the artist and the farmers. The backside of the silo is dominated by the king of the barnyard! Don't hesitate to walk around the silo to discover it! 

At the heart of this field, 
I was able to see hands that turned and craddled the earth, 
I was able to see hands that fed its fauna, 
I was able to see hands that spoke of love, 
I was able to see hands that uplift you towards the heavens,
At the heart of this field, which I dearly hold in my heart. 

A vocation : sharing the world of farming with the community 

The Drouin Farm is iconic to the Prescott-Russell region. The Drouin brothers, Yves and Denis, have been co-owners of the Farm for over 35 years. The Farm has been the family business since 1884 and is now in its fifth generation. Throughout the years, Yves and Denis have in some ways reinvented the business. Originally, the Farm was a dairy farm and produced cash crops. In 2008, it lent its land to L’Écho d’un peuple, an impressive outdoor theatre megaproduction showcasing the story of Franco-Ontarians. Today, the Farm continues to produce cash crops, but also invites guests to enjoy a sugar shack meal, catering services, an informative and educational experience at the Farm mostly for youngsters and it has also transformed into a revered wedding and event location. The cherry on top? The Drouin Farm has just recently opened a drive-in cinema!

The Drouins have created an environment where it is simply wonderful to be, where the animals welcome guests as much as its people! Where evenings offer colourful mesmerizing sunsets. Where life's rythm may seem ever so relaxed, but the ideas are always bubbling. 

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Popsilos offers a unique touristic experience in Canada: a self-guided circuit that has visitors discover seven giant murals on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, while inviting them to stop at producers’ or artisans’ shops to check out local products.

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