“I have personal connections to the region and have always wanted to paint a silo. The themes of the project are also ones that resonate with me.”
- Roadsworth, artist

Roadsworth began painting the streets of Montreal in the fall of 2001 developing a language around street markings and other elements of the urban landscape using primarily a stencil based technique. In the fall of 2004, Roadsworth was arrested for his nocturnal activities and charged with 53 counts of mischief. Despite the threat of heavy fines and a criminal record he received a relatively lenient sentence which he attributes in part to the public support he received subsequent to his arrest. The NFB documentary Roadsworth: Crossing the Line produced in 2007, chronicles this period of his life. Since that time, Roadsworth has continued to work in both painted and sculptural media, bringing his signature style to in festivals, galleries and city streets around the world, showcasing his work with Amnisty International, the LAF, the Cirque du soleil, the Tour de France and Banksy’s Cans Festival to name a few.

Artist Roadsworth will be painting a mural themed Environment at Horses by Hannah.

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Popsilos offers a unique touristic experience in Canada: a self-guided circuit that has visitors discover seven giant murals on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, while inviting them to stop at producers’ or artisans’ shops to check out local products.

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